Writings and Lectures

A number of lectures on Afghan history, culture, politics, civil society and culture since 2010 for, among others, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish Defence College, the Association of Foreign Affairs in Lund, Lunds University, Umeå University, European Union Parliament, EuroPol in Kabul, Bok och Biblioteksmässan I Göteborg, Swedish International Development Association, the Folke Bernadotte Academy, the Swedish Migration Authority, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

The Emergency Loya Jirga – Hopes and Disappointments, Afghanistan Analyst Network publication autumn 2011

An Extended Struggle for State Power, New Routes 4/2010

Afghanistan - Konflikters Korsväg, Populär Historia 5/2010

Afghanistans sönderfall går inte längre att hejda, Dagen Nyheter Debatt, 8 Aug 2010

The State of the Afghan State, AAN discussion paper 01/2010

The State, Conflict and International Assistance, lecture at a conference on Afghanistan in Stockholm, Nov 2008. Published in a booklet together with other contributions at the seminar

Lecture on the situation in Afghanistan Round Table, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sep 2007

Lecture on the Situation in the occupied Palestinian Territories, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Stockholm, January 2007

Causes of the Humanitarian Crisis in the occupied Palestinian Territories, speech at the UN Committee for the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People at its meeting in Cairo in May 2006

På Plats i Peshawar (Arriving to Peshawar), chapter in “Afghanistan”, Svenska Afghanistankommittén och Premiss förlag 2005 

Afghanistan: One Year after Bonn, lecture at a seminar on Afghanistan in Stockholm, 15 Feb 2003. Published in a booklet together with other contributions at the seminar

Difficulties and Opportunities; Challenges of Aid in Afghanistan, lecture at a seminar on Afghanistan in Stockholm, Feb 1999; published in a booklet together with other contributions at the seminar in Sep 1999

Co-author to report Central Asia Disaster Preparedness Assessment, IFRC, Regional Delegation, Central Asia; Sep 1995

The Threat of Famine in Ethiopia, Crossline Global Report, No 2, 1995

Motivational Forces in the Afghan Conflict; the Development after May, 1992, the Central Asian Survey, Vol 14, No 1, 1995

An Assessment of Possibilities for SIDA-financed Labour Intensive Projects in the Gaza Strip, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Stockholm, Feb 1995

Food and People. The Challenge of Ethiopia, Rädda Barnen (Swedish Save the Children), Stockholm, Dec 1994

Afghanistan - Förr och Nu. En Handbok (Afghanistan - Past and Present. A Handbook). Co-author and Editor. Published by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Stockholm, Jan 1995

Aid in Afghanistan: Limitations and Possibilities, 'Refuge', Canada's Periodical on Refugees; Vol.9, No.1; Oct 1989

Lecture on how to organize assistance programmes in Afghanistan, first UN Interagency meeting on Afghanistan in May 1988, at Villa la Pelouse, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Information, Standpoints and Statistics. A brochure about aid in Afghanistan, Peshawar, May 1985

A Generation of Illiterates? Information from and about the Afghanistan Education Committee, Peshawar, May 1985